“Completing a full home renovation is almost like a painting. There are a lot of brush strokes involved.” ~ Pete B


A unique project for us, this showpiece was a full home build, from the ground all the way up to the standing seam metal roof with copper flashing. Set on a mountainside in northern New Jersey, the rustic industrial architectural style of this mountain home is a sight to be seen, with unique elements throughout - including iron, metal, wood, and stone. Our role involved the woodwork inside and out, encompassing vaulted ceilings, moldings, beams, door casings, and all the exterior woodwork. Upon first look, the viewer can’t help but notice the “live edge” hemlock siding on the entire house. The client wanted a natural look, so hemlock was chosen as it is very stable in various weather conditions and has a natural ability to deter rot. From beginning to end, and from the materials to the layout, there was nothing standard about this one-of-a-kind home, which made for a very interesting project to work on.