Yes, feel free to ask.
Yes, see form supplied within your welcome folder.
Most of our clients are in Northern/Central New Jersey and parts of Eastern PA. However, we will travel to most areas in and out of state are dependent on the contract.

Yes, sub-contractors are an essential part of any large-scale project. We have been working with our “subs” for years and have established close relationships on a professional/personal level.

Yes, we offer financing through a partnership with Hearth. We also accept all major credit cards.
Yes, Peter can be found on every project at one point or another. Don’t be surprised to see him with his tool belt on.
All projects vary dramatically due to size and complexity. However, an estimated start and completion date is supplied within every contract.
Yes, we are registered within the states of PA and NJ and carry well beyond the required policies required within the industry.
Construction permits are required in most jurisdictions for most home improvement projects. They typically carry a fee based upon the job size or cost. Most commonly, permits cover anything involving: roofs, structural, electrical, plumbing, fire, and chimneys. In new homes or expansions of existing, zoning permits and variances are required. Inspections are carried out by local inspection authorities to ensure a project is being carried out in accordance to supplied drawings/plans and satisfying all code compliance set forth by the “International Residential Code and International Building Code” requirements. Inspections are typically done at different phases of a project and at the completion of a project. On large-scale projects, a C/O or “Certificate of Occupancy” cannot be given until all final inspections are satisfactory.