Specializing in outdoor lifestyle living


“People don’t always realize what can be created in an outside space; sometimes you can even get more creative than inside, such as adding elements like stone work, fountains, multiple levels, outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, and more.” ~ Pete B.


Decks have come a long way over the years, and when it comes to these outdoor entertaining areas, we can go beyond the traditional box style deck. They can be single level like a classic deck, multi-tiered, or full wrap around, with lighting, accents, and more. Some decks are so elaborate, it’s practically like adding an addition onto the home. Railings can be a standard or handmade wood rail, various types of composites, or even an industrial look with a cable rail. One of our deck projects featured multiple colors in a “picture frame” setting outlining the perimeter. We did another that featured a curved radius and spiral staircase. Yet another element can be a hot tub. A particular deck project we completed was so big, there were two sets of stairs – a main grand stair and small stair off the side. The rest of the area was “decked out” with dining tables and other outdoor furniture. Rather than tie the same rail around it, we built a privacy area for the hot tub by creating an enclosure out of corrugated metal roofing and several different composite materials.