Basements can have their share of challenges, but at the same time, the world is your oyster, plus we never met a challenge we couldn’t solve. Often a clean slate (especially in new homes), if the space is there, we can transform it to whatever the client would like. Want a kitchen? Extra guest rooms? Home office? In-law suite? Man cave or the quintessential entertaining space or gym? We can do that. We can also assist with obtaining proper permits for an additional egress, which is required when finishing a basement if not already in place. Some of the challenges in this type of space are ceiling heights, ceiling finishes, structural columns, and mechanicals. Drop ceilings have come a long way; if a ceiling is already high enough, we can do a decorative drop ceiling to hide utilities. If it’s too low to begin with, we have ways to find a happy medium, such as boxing out mechanicals, or “dressing up” ductwork. We can also surround structural columns with materials that are integrated with the overall design of the space. In cases where it’s not possible or prudent to hide or blend basement elements, the other option is to intentionally expose columns and mechanicals, and get creative with it.